W20 National Consultation Meeting

W20 National Consultation Meeting

Representatives from various NGO’s and Academia based in Turkey have convened for the National Consultation Meeting to discuss the W20 agenda.

The meeting commenced with an opening speech of W20 President Dr. Gülden Türktan, followed by a joint presentation of Dr. Gülden Türktan (KAGİDER), Nilüfer Bulut (TİKAD) and Dr. Sare Aydın (KADEM) of the Steering Committee addressing the participants, outlining the general framework of the W20 and providing further details as to the headings listed in the Priority Policy Areas document.

The event convened to a workshop in which the participants divided among different groups in accordance with their areas of expertise. Each group focused on a specific heading within the Priority Policy Areas. Following their internal discussions, each group presented their thoughts to the audience. Each presentation composed of ideas reached with a consensus.

Following the presentations, the participants further enhanced their dialogue in a mini-lunch session. The event was closed by a thank you message for all the contributions.

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